About us

Hey! It's Malcolm! I don't like talking about myself but I'll try my best.

I grew up in Upstate NY then moved to Virginia at 15. I've always tried to make stuff even from a young age. A few times growing up I even set fire to my carpet in the process of melting plastic. (Didn't work.) Anyways, I started painting Lego figures, did that for a year, found theatre, & then moved on to cosplay. Both I attribute to getting me into making costumes and props. As soon as I ordered my first clay, I was hooked. (Not that my old sculpts were anything to get excited about.) That's what propelled me into the world of sculpting and casting. I haven't looked back since. Everything that I've learned I've learned from Youtube and Google. I'm inspired by everyday wear and tear. The way years fade paint and how nature takes back structure is gorgeous. I'm also heavily inspired by video games like Zelda, medieval costumes and the Hunger Games movies. Thank you all for the support so far! I hope to continue down this path as creating really brings me joy!